BackupAssist Classic 11.1.1

BackupAssist Classic 11.1.1
Languages: English | BackupAssist WFH – Classic | File Size: 106.87 MB

Easy, business grade backup protection for work from home computers. With millions now working from home, valuable company data can go unprotected. Now you can protect desktop computers – system and data – easily with BackupAssist Classic.

With BackupAssist Classic:
– Both data and systems are backed up, mitigating risk of data loss.
– Get running again quickly. Employees do their own file restores and system recovery.
– Company data gets backed up to company storage. Recordkeeping is easy. Security is assured.
– Centralized monitoring, maintenance and protection of data

System and file protection
– Flexible system and file protection
– System image to local USB HDD for fast system recovery
– File backups to cloud
– File backups to local USB HDD

Separate work from personal
– Work data is backed up to work-provided storage.
– Personal data can be excluded from the work backups.

Handles many scenarios
– Company provided laptops.
– Employee owned, work-only computers
– Employee owned, mixed work/personal computers.

Business-grade protection
– All cloud backups feature data deduplication, encryption and compression.

BYO storage = complete control
– Cloud storage – use a company Azure or AWS S3 storage account. Satisfy data sovereignty and handling requirements.
– Local USB HDD storage – use inexpensive, company-owned media for fast recovery.

Friendly for I.T. administrators
– Pre-configuration makes it easy for non-technical staff to install and use.
– Central monitoring for easy visibility.

Benefits for your business:
– Ensure business continuity
– Ensure legal compliance with data handling
– Data sovereignty – company cloud account (AWS/Azure), choose where to store data
– Data secured with business grade encryption
– Multiple restore points
– Consistency of data protection
Supported Platforms:

Microsoft Server Operating Systems:
– Microsoft Windows Server 2019 family – Supported from v10.4.5
– Microsoft Windows Server 2016 family – Supported from v9.5 (not Nano Server)
– Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 family
– Microsoft Windows Server 2012 family

Microsoft Client Operating Systems:
– Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) – Supported from v9.1
– Microsoft Windows 10 (32-bit) – Supported from v9.2.3
– Microsoft Windows 8.1 (64-bit) (Professional, Enterprise) Not supported in v11 or later.
– Microsoft Windows 8.1 (32-bit) (Professional, Enterprise) Supported from v9.2.3 Not supported in v11 or later.

Microsoft Application Servers:
– Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 – Supported from v10.5*
– Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 – Supported from v9.2
– Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
– Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 3
– Microsoft SQL Server 2017 – Supported from v10.5
– Microsoft SQL Server 2016 – Service Pack 2
– Microsoft SQL Server 2014 – Service Pack 3
– Microsoft SQL Server 2012 – Service Pack 4

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