Black Out 2.0.4 MACOS

Black Out 2.0.4 MAS
File size: 5.15 MB

Black Out lets you quickly hide sensitive parts of an image.

This can be useful when you want to post a screenshot or photo on the web that contains some information you don’t want to be revealed.

It also removes all metadata, like when and where a photo was captured.

Black Out is intentionally simple. It doesn’t have the ability to resize or rotate the black boxes. It’s meant as a tool to quickly redact some sensitive information, not to perfect an image. If need something more advanced, you can use Preview or any other graphics editor.

NOTE: Black Out does not and will not support multi-page PDFs. You can open such PDFs, but only the first page will be used.
Supported Operation System:
• macOS 11.5 or later
• Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor

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