CleanSweep 2.1.9Freeware

CleanSweep 2.1.9
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CleanSweep is a lightweight utility that enables you to clear some of the junk files that eat up space and affect the overall functionality of the PC.

Cleaning Features
Temporary Files
Temporary Setup Files
Temporary Internet Files
Event Viewer Logs
Recycle Bin
Chrome Cache
Thumbnail Cache
User File History Snapshots
Windows .Old Folder
Windows Defender Logs
Microsoft Office Cache
Microsoft Edge Cache
Windows Installer Cache
Windows Update Logs
Windows Error Reports
Windows Delivery Optimization
Additional Features
Provides potential reclaimable disk space if all cleaning options were selected.
Provides total reclaimed disk space after all selected cleaning operations have completed.
Detailed log window of all cleaning operations.
Verbose and non-verbose output to the log window.
Show or hide operation windows (command prompts, etc) that perform tasks.
Update checking.

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