Firefox Relay v1.8.7

Firefox Relay v1.8.7
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Firefox Relay (formerly known as Private Relay) lets you generate e-mail aliases that forward to your real inbox. Use it to hide your real e-mail address and protect yourself from hackers and unwanted mail.

Firefox Relay helps you protect your real e-mail address – the one most closely tied to your online identity. It lets you generate unique, random aliases you can use to sign up for accounts, apps, or newsletters, and forwards messages to your real address. If you find that an account is sending unwanted e-mail or spam, you can block the alias and it will stop sending e-mail to your inbox. Once you no longer want an account, you can delete the alias.

Firefox Relay is an add-on/extension for Mozilla Firefox.

Firefox Relay makes it easy to create aliases, randomly generated e-mail addresses that forward to your real inbox. Use it to protect your online accounts and your identity from spam and hackers.

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