KS-ProjectPlanner Pro 2020 v6.0.4 Multilingual

KS-ProjectPlanner Pro 2020 v6.0.4 Multilingual
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Project management can be real fun, when using a good software, once apart from the enormous benefits that you will gain by using such a software. Adding new tasks by double-click is more intuitive and smoother than typing them into a calendar or spreadsheed application.

You can also specify constraints and dependencies to other tasks and define the availability and cost of resources. With every change, the software gives you immediate feedback and shows the impact on the project plan. You’ll always have the project and the costs under full control. And all this is so incredibly useful, that you shouldn’t renounce.

Dynamic Planning
by the quick and fluid work flow of this program.

Full cost control
prevents your project from running out of the

Pathbreaking on Tracking
Once your project is running, the program takes account of status and progression of tasks.

Working in a team
Projects can be optionally managed on a SQL Server.

Whats New:
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version

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