OnTime PRO 3.3.2 MAS

OnTime PRO 3.3.2 MAS
File size: 76.84 MB

OnTime PRO is the all in one indispensable time tool that you will ever need. Using the intuitive interface you can create unlimited beautiful and useful clocks for your desktop. Don’t ever forget important things that you need to do: using the alarms feature you can easily add as many alarms as you need. Use World clock to view in every moment the time in any corner of the world. It will even tell you to take short breaks while working in order to become more productive.

Key features:

– Customize every clock element
– Switch between analog, digital, fantasy, hybrid and bent clock
– Multiple analog hands to chose from
– Customize the background clock with:
– unlimited colors
– unlimited gradients
– personal pictures
– Different animations for hands movement
– See live usage of CPU,RAM and Disk

– Set alarm to sound, voice messages or both
– Custom alarm sound
– Progressive volume
– Unlimited alarms
– Easy management for alarms using status bar icon

World clock
– Realtime sunset and sunrise
– Unlimited world clocks
– Clock background automatically changes with day or night color schemes
– Show world clocks from menu bar
– Time differences calculator
– Put world clocks on desktop

Break time
– Manage your breaks
– Force yourself to take a break
– Schedule for breaks
– Diffent appearance for breaks
– Exceptions

Smart quotes
– Random quotes
– Quiet hours

Multiple interface styles
– Run at startup
– Show dock icon
Supported Operation System:
• OS X 10.11 or later
• Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor

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