Panorama 2.0 macOS

Panorama 2.0 macOS

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Panorama is a professional high quality image stitcher for iOS and Mac.Panorama has perfected an image matching technique called homography, whose primary advantage over other apps of this type is that it does not warp horizontal edges in the panorama, making it ideal for photographing architectural scenes.

Create beautiful high-resolution panoramas on your Mac or iOS device. Extends the capability of your digital camera or scanner by stitching multiple overlapping pictures into stunning panoramas.


• Doubles and triples your camera’s field of view.
• Perfectly seamless 2 and 3 picture panoramas.
• Creates 360° high resolution segmented panoramas.
• Photo sets larger than 3 are blends of smaller stitched panoramas.
• Save in any format supported by your system, such as JPG, PDF, PNG or TIFF.
• AppleScript support for blending and stitching
• Attractive simple interface.
• Each individual stitch can merge up to 16 pictures at a time.
• Stitches vertically or horizontally.
• Apply subsequent stitching to panoramas to create rectangular mosaics.
• Alternatively blend pictures with stitching turned off to create photomontages.
• Automatically sort pictures in the order they should stitch.
• Option for scaling down very large pictures to increase speed.
• Stitching margins are adjustable to match the overlap in your pictures.
• Variable blending gradient.

• Supports image formats jpg, tiff, png and bmp.
• It’s fun!

Release Notes

Supported Operation Systems
macOS 10.10 or later

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